A Home For Scott’s Girls

June 30, 2016 1:39 pm

Second Class Citizen is helping Veteran S.P. get a proper roof over his head as he completes his long and heartbreaking battle to regain custody of his precious children from Florida Department of Child Services (DCS).

S.P.’s name and those of his children are being withheld pending final adjudication of the court, but in an in-chambers session, the judge has told S.P. it is a done deal.

S.P. had custody for years until Florida DCS interfered based on a false allegation from S.P.’s ex wife, the biological mother of the children.

Florida DCS used S.P.’s military service against him, saying his injuries and PTSD made him an “unfit father” – despite no existing records of any kind that corroborated DCS’s claim. DCS nevertheless took S.P.’s children from him, and proceeded to file numerous unsubstantiated claims against him in family court to reinforce their case. The resulting court battle utterly bankrupted S.P., driving him to the point of despair, forcing him to become homeless, and, so DCS thought, breaking S.P.’s will.

DCS greatly underestimated S.P. – he never gave up hope. He never stopped fighting. Finally, DCS’s story fell apart and just last night, 29 June, the judge ruled that S.P.’s children must be returned to him.


S.P. is currently living in a one-bedroom efficiency apartment procured for him by Wounded Warrior Project. While this has helped him greatly, it is clearly inadequate for his children once they are returned to him.

Second Class Citizen wants to raise $5000 for S.P., to get him into a temporary home that is large enough for five, so he can properly reconnect with his children. The funds will also go to getting the kids some new outfits and some well-deserved celebration time with dad, at a location of his choosing.

We want to take the burden of “what next?” off of S.P.’s family and let them enjoy the moment.

In case you missed the link above, here is the GoFundMe campaign: http://gofundme.com/2c5arxe5

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