Who We Are

Second Class Citizen is an organization created by former special operations and intelligence Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs). Our current staff is entirely drawn from US Army Veterans. To avoid confusion and differentiate ourselves from the civilian medical or legal fields, we refer to our staff as Operators rather than counselors.Second Class Citizen

Bottom line up front: We are not here to provide legal advice, although we do know where to find it and how to ask. We do not provide psychological counseling, but we do counsel service members and Veterans in the manner NCOs have always counseled soldiers. Nobody knows how to talk with, and what we are thinking, better than one of our own. No civilian can ever hope to approach the level of understanding between two service members or Veterans. This is our core belief.

What We Do

  • Work with State legislatures to create and/or change law to better represent servicemembers (SM) and Veterans.
  • Provide counseling in a language a SM or Veteran understands.
  • Provide resources and advice for maintaining their bearing during a trying time.
  • Help the SM or Veteran understand what a family court can be expected to do, and what their response should be.
  • Work to ensure that SCRA performs the task it was meant to – protect deployed SM from unlawful court judgements.
  • Address Toxic Command and JAG issues within the military and DOD.
  • Conduct in-depth analysis of data to identify vulnerable  groups within the service member & Veteran communities.

Our 501(c)3 EIN: 26-4069515