Battery of Veterans

July 11, 2016 12:25 pm

JusticeIt is well documented that Service Members and Veterans are frequently verbally battered and slandered in court. Second Class Citizen is currently working on drafting proposed legislation to change that. No person who serves with honor and distinction in the uniformed services of the United States of America should be treated with contempt, particularly by a court or an agent of the court, under any circumstances. Our first test state will be Michigan.

First draft:

Presumption of Danger, or Presumption of Threat, or Presumption of Instability: Attacking The Character of Service Members and Veterans Based Solely on Their Chosen Profession

“Lacking a proper, authenticated, and current diagnosis from a qualified physician or psychiatrist stating clearly that the service member (SM) or Veteran (hereinafter “SM/V”) has been in the recent, relevant past, or is now exhibiting behavior that any reasonable person would consider to be a threat or danger to those around (him/her), or a similar properly authenticated diagnosis that the SM/V has displayed instability which would render (him/her) unsuitable for the supervision of minor children IAW with State of Michigan and Federal law (e.g. requires constant monitoring, or medication which renders (him/her) unable to perform normal daily behavior), no attorney in the family courts of the State of Michigan shall include language in any legal brief, response, or other court document, or public record, which asserts or implies that a parent who is a SM/V is a danger or threat to (his/her) own children, or is in any way too unstable to be a competent parent to (his/her) own children, that document based solely on an unfounded assertion of either the other parent in the matter or (his/her) representative attorney(s), nor any anecdotal statement, nor “automatic presumption” that any SM/V is by virtue of profession is somehow a danger, threat, or unfit to parent (his/her) children, nor shall any judge, properly appointed to such courts, entertain any statements of this nature.

In addition, it shall stand that a SM/V with an Honorable record of Service is entitled to the respect which such Service confides, and that any document impugning the SM/V’s honorable military service in a court of law without demonstrated due cause, and which is presumed to enter into the Public Record by virtue of entry to the courts, brought forth by any attorney(s) or other parties to a matter of divorce and/or child custody, shall be considered libel IAW State of Michigan law under the Revised Judicial Act of 1961, Sec. 600.2911, for which the SM/V shall be entitled to┬áseek redress, to include civil damages, in a Michigan court of law.”

– Operator Six, Second Class Citizen.

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