How You Can Contribute

Second Class Citizen needs your help. We are looking for volunteers with backgrounds as non-commissioned officers or chaplains in the military, individuals who have legal expertise in the fields of military law, family court, custody, and divorce matters, and of course, funding and donations. To go directly to our donations page, please click here.

Second Class CitizenMonetary donations go toward sustainment of operations, creation and validation of legal documents to challenge military commands and JAG components who unlawfully interfere in civil matters, and research. Funds also go towards legal fees and FOIA requests, educating service members on the pitfalls of the family court system – particularly as it pertains to UCMJ – and providing a support mechanism for when it all becomes too overwhelming for any one person to handle.


Your generosity is deeply appreciated. Second Class Citizen is a registered 501c(3) charity organization with the IRS, which makes your donation fully tax deductible.