Expanding Veterans Courts

June 13, 2016 1:03 pm

Second Class Citizen is working with Senator Patrick Colbeck (R, MI 7th Dist.) to expand Veterans Treatment Courts (VTC) in the state of Michigan with a goal to change all VTC nationwide. VTC exist to address the specific problems facing Veterans including PTSD and drug & alcohol abuse with a view to rehabilitating Veterans who might otherwise not be understood in a traditional court venue.

Second Class Citizen’s current effort is to create¬†woSuicides and Family Issuesrking legislation

to expand Veterans Treatment Courts to include family court matters such as custody and child support. Many servicemembers and Veterans are slandered in order to take their children from them and gain a higher percentage of that soldier’s benefits. Sometimes they are ambushed by their spouse in order to secure false domestic violence charges in order to achieve those goals.

Some may argue this concept constitutes “special treatment” – what it in fact constitutes is special abuse. No man or woman who served their nation should have to stand in a courtroom and be called “assassin”, “murderer”, or ‘babykiller” because they chose the profession of arms.

Second Class Citizen believes this is not only unjust, but immoral and wrong as well. Help us to help them by changing the law and improving the court venues that handle these cases.


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