Spike In Veterans Seeking Help

July 19, 2017 7:07 pm

I just received a call from a local veteran’s organization – Fallen And Wounded Soldiers Fund out of Bloomfield Hills, MI. Their Executive Director, Dr. Lynn Phillips, says they are experiencing a higher and higher volume of soldiers and veterans who are disintegrating under the pressure of divorce and custody battles. She had a Veteran here in Michigan that she was very concerned about, whom she had been helping for some time. She gave me his information and I made an intervention call to “Soldier J.” at 1300 today. Soldier J. was distraught, confused, and frightened.

Second Class Citizen

I spent about 45 minutes getting him to take a knee and breathe. I then got him to give me his story and repeat certain elements so we were sure of what he was saying (he was very disoriented). Once we had him calm, I proceeded to tell him what to expect, and how to act/react to what was about to come. He was grateful to discover that there is in fact help out there and that he is not alone. There will be more to this story later.

This is the first time another veteran organization has reached out to Second Class Citizen. Dr. Phillips sounded extremely concerned. Second Class Citizen will be reaching out to some of the other local organizations and fan out to other states from there. I think this may be a much bigger problem than we anticipated. If you know of any Service Member or Veteran in distress due to family court issues, please reach out to us.

Operator Six

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