Stopping The Slander

June 6, 2016 5:04 pm

In Family Court, one of the most common – and despicable – techniques used by a belligerent spouse against a servicemember or Veteran is the “Baby Killer” attack. The belligerent spouse or her (typically; we haven’t seen a male version of this attack so far – if you know of one, please contact us) attorney will stand before a judge and state something to the effect of “He is dangerous. He is a professional killer and I am afraid he may harm or kill me, or my children”.

In my case, my ex-wife’s attorney stood in front of a Pierce County, Washington judge in 2006 and declared me “mentally unstable because he has spent years working in covert operations. There is no telling how dangerous this man might be, your honor“. I was a signals intelligence specialist. I had absolutely no history of violence, ever, of any kind. I had a perfect, flawless military career. But, that didn’t matter. This attorney stood in front of a judge in a courtroom, where presumably lying is frowned upon and sometimes a crime in itself, and lied through her teeth. United States Military

During Operator One’s custody battle in 2007-08, his wife’s attorney stood in front of a judge and called him an “assassin”. Operator One is a highly decorated Green Beret and United States Army Ranger who fought in three wars and has two Purple Hearts. They then used one of his injuries (traumatic brain injury, or TBI, from a roadside bomb) to try to get his children taken from him completely. This guy is literally a war hero. He is one of the best men I know and like me, he believes very strongly that a true man never strikes women or children. But, in Family Court, none of that matters.

“Baby Killer. Assassin”

Our cases are far from unique. This is a common divorce or custody attorney technique used not just on Veterans or servicemembers. These attorneys frequently use the “might violence!!” scare tactic to make their client seem “weak, helpless, and afraid”, despite having absolutely no evidence to support their claim. Are there instances of violent spouses? Unquestionably. But one thing is not the other. These attorneys are making a fallacious and slanderous claim, then demanding the man prove his innocence – this is an affront not only to the court and the judge, but to the entire American legal system and the very Constitution of the United States of America. Because this takes place in a civil, vice criminal, courtroom, the offending attorney or spouse gets away with violating the 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendments of the Bill of Rights.

Second Class Citizen wants to put an end to this despicable practice. We are currently working with the Michigan Senate to get legislation passed that would require proof of any such accusations, or require they be stricken from any court records in their entirety, with punitive fines for non-compliance. Nobody should be able to slander someone – particularly in a court of law – in such a horrific manner. It is a practice that must end. No man deserves such treatment, but servicemembers & Veterans in particular should not risk losing their children because they chose a career of defending their own nation – only to come home to lose their children because of their choice.

If you know of a story like this, or you have been through it yourself, please contact Second Class Citizen. The more information we have, the more likely it will be that we can establish legislation to prevent this travesty of justice in all 50 States, and US territories.

Operator 6

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