April 30, 2016 9:40 pm

Official Mission Statement: Second Class Citizen assists and supports military and veteran noncustodial parents experiencing trauma and personal crisis while engaged with the family court system to prevent an already stressful event from turning into an unnecessary tragedy.

Our mission is to help servicemembers (SM) and Veterans maintain their bearing, preserve their dignity, and keep their compass needles true as they endure one of the most brutal experiences anyone can go through: the US family court system. Our mission is directly tied to one third of military suicides.

Second Class Citizen accomplishes this mission by:

  • Working to improve treatment of SM and Veterans in family courts through legislative action
  • Confronting military commands and Judge Advocate offices who fail to properly support SM or unlawfully interfere in civil matters IAW military regulation and UCMJ
  • Educating SM and military commands on rights and responsibilities in family court disputes
  • Directly aiding SM and Veterans when possible, especially those in danger of self-harm due to desperation and loss of hope

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