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fell Child Custody: a Battle Mapto a DB attack… but like any good soldier, it is back up, on its feet, and ready to return to the battle.

Give us a minute to patch up, reload, and get our next grid point…

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  • Christine says:

    I am writing anyone and everyone I can who is an advocate for Alienated Fathers. My future, James Clark has been alienated from his daughter, Allison. We have all the evidence we need. Even a social investigation that states that this is a clear case of alienation. We are over 30 thousand dollars in to this custody battle that should come to some conclusion in February as that is when the trial is set. We are finically exhausted. We have nothing left. Our retirements are empty. We have barrowed THOUSANDS from our parents. But, every specialist wants another $2000 dollars. Dr. J. Michael Bone and Dr. Robert Evans are working on our case with Cordell and Cordell in Tampa FL. James has not seen his daughter in almost 2 years.

    My question to you is… Is there any grants or charities or anything that could help us with our financial burdens… We do not have the money to continue and this is a severe case. We feel that Allison will never have a chance to be “normal” if we don’t intercede and yet, it all comes down to a few dollars…

    Tampa FL

  • Looks good, i went ahead and bookmarked you on Digg.com under “Second Class Citizen”. So hopefully our friends can give you a visit. Keep up the good stuff.

  • 2CCAdmin says:

    Christine, we at 2CC looked and looked; I’ve been through what your James has been through myself – the system is set up specifically to shut down men, especially through the VAWA “law” (which blatantly spells out that “all men are aggressors and all women are victims, all the time” – utterly discriminatory and un-Constitutional…).

    We don’t know of any organization that helps men through this process that is purely for men; there are a few lawyers, but as you point out, the system just bleeds us dry. The battle map posted on this page is not hyperbole; it is an exact replica of what I found myself against when my ex-wife actually kidnapped my daughter and demanded 100% custody in 2005.

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