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We still provide information in regards to the dangers of divorce court and family court. The one-sided blatant abuse of power exercised by women and the courts. In fact, this abuse has grown to such an extent it has become ludicrous and laughable for all non-custodial parents who have to deal with it.

The destruction of the family has resulted in the slow downward spiral of our civilization which can be seen in the statistics you find when you search on the internet for the effects of fatherlessness.

In family court, the Constitution of the United States is ignored at every turn and the words “best interest of the child” is used to justify this abuse.


As a result, opened and now uses comedy and political satire to hit home just how bad it has gotten for men and boys in today’s world.  Redonkulas is using comedy to unite RED PILL, MGTOW, MRA’s, and men of all ages. We educate them using comedy, logic, and reason.


Enjoy, and let's all die laughing.

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